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Tiny Marsh: Simcoe County District School Board's Use of Our Marsh
For several years now, Simcoe County elementary schools have been using our marsh as a classroom. They do nature walks and dip netting, as well as learn to identify anything that moves from the excellent naturalists on site. They are learning how nature is totally connected, whether by food chains, shared habitat or common purpose. They really enjoy and gain a lot from their visits. They are shown how valuable a marsh is for the regeneration of life and the cleaning of water.
This fall will see a return of the high schools to study at the marsh as well. Elmvale District High School will lead the way with their new outdoors course, which will set many mini courses of study concentrating on Biology, Math, Physical Education, and other associated concerns. This has grown after an absence of 20 years from our marsh due to course changes at the Ministry. Practical learning is now back in vogue. Their staff is very excited about it. It is hoped that the students will be of special service to the Ministry of Natural Resources for their various studies. We will hopefully start with studies centred on the Black Tern and the Least Bittern, two success stories at our marsh. As other schools hear of Elmvale's studies, we should see an increase in the use of this marsh for intermediate and senior school education. Elementary school bookings may be scheduled through the Simcoe County District School Board.

Sir Sandford Fleming College from Lindsay, ON also uses our sites for such purposes as teaching their students to learn to band birds, help with waterfowl identification during hunting season, sexing, and aging along with hunter interviews. Our marshes have such a wide sampling of both habitat and species available as a natural land/marsh environment, that there is much for a college student to study and practice their studies with.

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