About Us

The Marl Tiny Matchedash (MTM) Conservation Association is an incorporated, not for profit volunteer organization dedicated to managing one Provincial Resource Management Area and two Provincial Wildlife Areas which are Marl Lake, Tiny Marsh, and Matchedash Bay in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Ducks Unlimited Canada.  The organization functions under a board of directors comprised of representatives from a broad spectrum of community interests who believe strongly in the merits of a collaborative effort to foster land and resource management. 

MTM Conservation Association implements an annual program involving a host of partners. Activities include the delivery of biological inventory and monitoring programs; the administration of controlled hunting programs and other outdoor recreational opportunities; the delivery of outdoor education programs under contract with the Simcoe County District School Board and in partnership with various post-secondary institutions; and the implementation of infrastructure development projects and public outreach initiatives that support each of the activities listed above. 

MTM generates revenue through land and facility rentals, user fees, membership sales, donations, and grants.  The three public properties managed by this organization constitute approximately 2,500 hectares of Crown land and provide an estimated 20,000 hours of recreational and educational opportunities annually for a wide variety of user groups.  The in-kind value of the dedicated volunteers which make this organization a reality and the value of this organization to the community each year are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.